Custom Home Cinema

The luxury: Home Cinema's

Dedicating a space solely to watching movies and entertainment is not always possible in every home, but we have created dedicated Home Cinema’s in many locations, from Garages, Sheds, Lofts, Basements even on Yachts.
A dedicated Home Cinema is a place to have fun, let the interior go crazy, or remain highly sophisticated. Some like Popcorn machines and cinema memorabilia, others like a sanctuary or a place to enjoy quality family time. We offer the complete Design & Build service if required including everything from Lighting to Soft Furnishings, or we can work with your design team to create a personalized space for you and your family.
A dedicated Cinema Room is more than just a Projector, Screen and Surround Sound. To achieve the best results every component including you & your family must be carefully selected and accurately placed in the space allowing you to experience the movie as the director intended.
Using true CinemaScope 2.35:1 Acoustic Screens, HD or UHD Projection, 7.2.4 Dobly Atmos Surround Sound & State of the Art AV Processors with carefully matched Amplifiers, our Cinema Rooms create that wow moment again and again.
We design all our Home Cinema Rooms to the highest of standards, complying with the requirements for various new surround formats for full object-oriented audio together with full image calibration.

The Media Rooms Design: Meets Technology

If you are not able to dedicate an entire room to a Home Cinema, but you and your family still want to enjoy the best Movie experience or gaming in an immersive setting, the Media Room is for you.

Combining surround sound audio with stunning visuals, yet housed within a day to day living space either using discreet hide-away technology or blended into the room decor, we can design and install a Media Room to suit your lifestyle, interior design, and budget.

Not everyone enjoys seeing a TV in the corner of the room. With our specialist supplier Future Automation, we can conceal Televisions, Projectors, even loudspeakers to maximize the wow effect without distracting from the room design.

Hidden TV’s can be built into cabinets, walls, corner cupboards, under beds or in floors or ceilings.

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