Acoustics & Soundproofing

Sound is often a bigger problem than it needs to be. Reverberation, resonances, noise and materials like glass, brick and concrete can destroy a music experience, intelligibility and comfort. We will be happy to guide you with the right solutions for every situation, from demanding recording studios to offices, place of worship, Auditoriums, restaurants, dedicated home cinema rooms, Lounges, and much more.

“The auditorium is a purpose-built hall, built for an audition, listening. Before it can be designed, the architect has to understand what the large hall is to be used for. Before the sound contractor can specify the sound system, the purpose of the hall must be understood. Before the acoustical engineer can bring a voice to the auditorium, the feeling and style of presentations intended for the hall has to be understood. Voicing the auditorium means deciding what to do with 99 percent of the sound, generated by the loudspeakers but not directly heard by the audience. A bright and beautiful looking auditorium will attract people. But the quiet, good-sounding auditorium will keep them coming back.”

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